About us

Agriculture in most parts of Wayanad district is characterized by many resource-poor smallholders. Waywin Producer Company Limited is planning to place farmers/growers in to different groups based on their crop types and agricultural practices. The important aim is to convert their products into Value added ones and supply to the market to bridge a gap between supply and demand. Hence marketing should comprise both prevailing and most modern E-commerce techniques.

In addition to the farm produces collected from growers, Waywin Producer Company itself plans to undertake farming under group farming, leased lands and by creating model farms etc and later brings all these items under an umbrella brand. As an initial stage, we have launched filter coffee in the name “Wincoffee” from the beans collected from farmers of Wayanad. This value addition to Wayanad coffee has given enthusiasm to all coffee growers of the district.

The introduction of Waywin could offer diverse benefits, such as income generation, natural resource conservation, food self-sufficiency and social development. Through building up a regular monitoring and evaluation system between various schemes & connected farmers, Waywin Producer Company aims to follow a Farming system giving much concern on eco-friendly Good Agricultural Practices and Biodiversity conservation.